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Essential oil is the new way to Health

 Nuday Aroma
markets essential oils, carrier oils, spices and spices oil collected/ distilled from Madagascar.
We proudly offer rare selections of Natural Essential Oils that is only available from endemic plant in Madagascar. Our essential oils are distilled water vapor, from plant without chemical treatment.

We analyze carefully the essential oils through the labs before shipping them to our warehouse in Houston Texas where they are stocked/ packaged correctly to the satisfaction of our customers. Each lot is subject to chromatographic analysis before exported directly from Madagascar. The original batch number ensures traceability of our products.

As a producer of essential oils from Madagascar, it was always a challenge to reach the international market so we specified in producing only few variety of essential oils. And since I moved to the US, the demand of a variety became the challenge. So we decide to work with other producers from Madagascar to expand our products type.
The advantage of buying from us, especially for a large amount wholesale, is that our price is set to be very competitive as we cut the middle man. But also the products are renewed constantly for a fresher one. 

Madagascar landscape and climate is a "plant paradise" where most productions grow in the wild without the use of chemical fertilizers and without treatment. Harvesting is carefully done at the most favorable time, depending on the substances to be extracted and external conditions (climate, time of year, ...) because the plant does not develop the same components as the period which it is harvested.These rules, imposed by nature, explain the seasonality of certain products which are removed or put back on our catalog throughout the year.

 Our essential oils are shipped directly from our warehouse in Madagascar to our warehouse located in Houston Texas where they are bottled to the satisfaction of our consumer.


We believe that being a good partnership to our customers is the essence of long term business relationship. We respect the quality and the time requested by our clients.

We are carefully taking into consideration a sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices. We are helping several families of producers in Madagascar by giving them the best price of their products. We understand that if they make money we make money too to keep the sustainability of the products. But we are taking accountability of the quality of the products we are selling to the market as each batch has to pass the test of  labs analysis. And we are interested in continuing that chain through our customers for everyone to make the profits they are looking for in their business.

As we work directly with the manufacturers/producers, the elimination of middle man gives our customer the chance to pick a price point for any budget.
We offer a safe, pure quality natural of essential oils. We are at your disposal for this technical analysis (gas chromatography) by an independent and accredited laboratory, giving the chemical composition of each of the lots. If you wish we will send you by email before your order.That is how precise and meticulous we are, and we are doing that because we value the business relationship we have with our customer.

That said, to make an inquiry for wholesale please contact us and we will be contacting you promptly. You will be amazed by how competitive our price is, and if the essential oil you are looking for is not in the list of our retail but of origin Madagascar, feel free to still inquire and we will make an effort to get you the oil from Madagascar.


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